FIRST Experience in Creating A Drone Video!!!

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Hey everyone, I have been eager to make a post here but it took me awhile in being comfortable piloting a drone.

There are two reasons for that:

  1. I am afraid of heights
  2. I have crashed the drone once before.

For my first post, I’m gonna share my experience as a beginner in drone flight/film maker/ video editor.

The Beginner Phase.

What is a Drone?

A drone or in a technological term is called UAV which stands for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles. There are many types of drones I believe, but the one I use is DJI Mavic Pro Platinum.

It was until recently that I got interested in learning to fly this thing again (after the first crash) because I got interested in wanting to see the world through a different point of view and share it with the world.

drone Specs.

drone Settings.

Under video settings, the video size I used was in 4k/24 fps. 24 frame per second is great for shooting cinematic film while 30fps is common for news shows and documentary work/ sports are closer to 60fps.

There are higher fps available, and to my understanding (reminder I am a newbie still) higher fps are great to slowdown fast movements shots.

Video format, I used MOV because I find it that it works best with apple technology (can’t remember whats that has to do with anything) than mp4.

White balance I used custom (hence, it is entirely up to your preferences).

However, you could choose either sunny or cloudy and varies the temperature (K) according to the weather surroundings.


Unless you have bright to dark or dark to bright kind of shots like entering a tunnel or even you shoot while rotating your drone, well that’s what I’ve learned though.

As for colour, you may choose either D-Log / D-Cinelike. I would choose D-log however, for better post-production.

Under this section, I would switch on the histogram so that I could refer it to control the exposure manually.

From what I understand, is to make sure the histogram is well balanced in the middle to avoid under-expose (graph all the way left) or over-exposure (graph all the way right).

Remember to enable AFC Mode.

Next column, I didn’t touch a lot only switch on the long exposure preview and remember to on your grid as well to help centering your subject.

Below are my first Drone Shots.

I made a second video, because I find my first video was too amateur with the transitions, and I need to work on my colour grading/ sound design/ music choice/ shot sequence (for better story telling) and play with transitions as well.

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